How to Find Inspiration For Things to Draw

How to Find Inspiration For Things to Draw - 

Have you ever sat down, wanting to draw, yet your mind seems to be blank? As long as your mind stays blank, so will your canvas. If you have a creative block, no need to stress, you can find inspiration in the simplest of places. Encourage your level of inspiration to be free flowing, allowing your creativity to spill out onto your blank page.

Become Inspired to Draw

As an artist, you will already have an internal desire to create. When you're drawing a blank, no need to force it. For a brief moment, do something else. Does your garden need trimming? Do you have a dog that would enjoy a walk? When you step away for a moment, ideas tend to come flooding in. If not, here are a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Start an inspiration journal, board, or wall

Although you may not be able to think of anything to draw in this exact moment in time, you more than likely had a hundred and one ideas leading up to this point in time. When you have an inspiration journal, board, or wall — you have somewhere to stick all these great ideas in one safe place.

Whether you write ideas down, cut inspiring pictures out of a magazine, or take your own photographs, this is a great way for two good ideas to morph into one incredible idea. Also, this journal or wall can act as a backlog of ideas. One after another, they will pile up and you will have a never ending stream of inspiration to direct you in times of need.

2. Scribble Away


If you're open to a highly imaginative exercise, close your eyes and press your pencil to paper. Start scribbling, ensuring that the lines are overlapping as you move in a broad circular motion. Once you open your eyes, what do you see? A mountain landscape? A flock of birds? Use shapes and forms to develop ideas and then draw a picture based on your scribbled page.

3. Take Advantage of Resources

Although there are plenty of books you can flip through, the Internet is at our fingertips. From Instagram to Pinterest, Flickr to Tumblr, there are a never ending stream of images available. Not that you need to replicate one of these images, but after exposing yourself to multiple pictures, you may have an 'aha' moment.

If you haven't already, take a trip to your local museum. Within one small room, there is often a plethora of inspiring ideas that come flooding in. It's important to be your own unique artist, however, it's also critical to learn from artists before you. Even the greatest, most famous artists were inspired by others before them.

No matter where you go, have a small sketchbook with you — especially when you travel. Even if you do not have time to construct a full sketch, you will have one concentrated space dedicated to your ideas. Drawing shouldn't be forced, so take your time and be patient — your masterpiece will develop as you expose yourself to fresh ideas, techniques, and influences.