6 Art Blogs to Find Inspiration

6 Art Blogs to Find Inspiration

Art blogs are an amazing way to share your collection with those who appreciate the mark that you're leaving on the world. When you follow an artist's blog, you often experience more than their art. You get to know who they are, what drives their creativity, and what their art means to them.

Once you find a blog that provides you with inspiration, it's great to support their journey and in turn, they may even help you elevate your own blog. After all, if you would like to promote your own art work, blogging is a great way to build a dedicated audience, full of potential consumers.

Get Inspired — Check Out These 6 Art Blogs


At Pikaland, you will find more inspiration than you'll know what to do with. Not only is Amy Ng a creative illustrator, but also an entrepreneur. If you would like to take your art to the next level, but lack direction, Amy is both artistic and business savvy.

She has plenty of resources available, helping budding artists find their way in this hectic world we live in. Her 'Good to Know' project is a series that provides both inspiration and advice — whether it's in terms of creativity, business, or life in general, these guides are a great way to increase your level of knowledge and understanding.

Art Fixx

Over at Daily Art Fixx, any visual artist will be in heaven. From drawing to photography and everything in between, this blog is a way for artists to share their work. The goal is to share artistic pieces in order to provide both inspiration and education. You can also purchase interesting pieces on their online shop.

Spoon & Tamago

If you are intrigued by Japanese art, design, and culture — look no further because Spoon Tamago has it all. Developed in 2007, this blog is based out of New York City and Tokyo, Japan. The goal is to tell a story — what's currently going on and where is Japanese art and design headed? This blog is a great way to expose yourself to the Japanese culture through art and design.

Empty Kingdom

From musicians to filmmakers, designers to illustrators, Empty Kingdom is a placed where artists from different backgrounds, with different styles collide. This International blog aims to share the most inspiring and interesting pieces of art with an audience from around the globe. There is an unbelievable amount of resources through Empty Kingdom, helping anyone and everyone appreciate art.

Beautiful Decay

What began as a small project in 1996, has now developed into an art and design publication. Featuring artists and designers from around the globe, Beautiful Decay has developed a cult following over the years. Millions check in each month, admiring the collection that fills their collectible printed issues. Whether you're into street art or film, this blog has it all.

My Modern Metropolis

At My Modern Metropolis, their goal is to celebrate creative concepts and ideas. Their slogan is Share, Inspire, Connect — building a community of enthusiastic individuals. From photography to architecture, all forms of creativity are recognized and showcased. They help artists develop a career for themselves, as they expose new people to incredible collections.