Architecture: Sketching & Drawing

Architecture - Sketching and Drawing

Computer-assisted representations (CAD) are the thing for architects nowadays. This is important to visualize initial ideas and designs. Like with pen and paper, sketches are necessary in order to present ideas quickly and easily.

So it is worth to improve your skills in drawing and sketching. If you are not a natural talent in this area, you should learn to draw and practice a lot.

Sketch and Draw Material

  1. Sketchbook

In order to learn how to draw, you should get a sketchbook, which will give you pleasure in practicing. The paper, binding, and size of the sketchbook, everyone has their own preferences.

Sketchbook or Loose Drawing Papers?

The advantage of sketchbooks versus loose paper is that you can understand your development when you draw. The first attempts may not succeed, but it is important that you reflect on them later.

In addition, it is more practical to keep a sketchbook in the bag, compared to a drawing pad. Most of the sketchbooks have a rubber band that makes the sides compact so that no corners can fold and loose sheets are not lost.


  1. Pencils

Practice with a pen you already have at home. You will see, the better you can sketch, draw and color, the more you will be interested in the different materials and that is the time to choose the best for you.

Sketching and Drawing Techniques

The most important thing is that you practice regularly. In order to avoid any frustration, you should leave it loose and do not force yourself to anything.

Above all, it is important that your work conveys your ideas. Have the courage! Start sketching, drawing or scribbling, even if you think you cannot.

Remember, as an architect, it is worthwhile to learn how to sketch and draw!