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Oil painting is exciting and easy. The techniques of oil painting are much simpler than etching or watercolor painting. Experts in oil painting go beyond the standard techniques to create special effects. But, for beginners, there are some fundamental techniques of oil painting that must be learned first.

Generally, to make an oil painting you need to thin the oil paint with a solvent such as turpentine in order to apply the paint in layers. Or, the other method is to sketch the image first with the aid of water-soluble pencils, or charcoal, and then apply paints in layers.

Glazing is a popular oil painting technique, during which the painter must give enough ‘drying time’ to the painting. It requires much time and patience, which is the main reason why not many artists prefer this type of painting. In this technique of oil painting, artists don’t mix colors but apply different layers of colors to get the glaze effect.

This is a simple technique that every artist must try. In this style, you need to apply oil paints in heavy and thick strokes. The results are unique and this is why it’s a much-favored oil painting technique.

Using Palette Knives
This oil painting technique is quite common among the adventurous artists. In this method, the oil paint is spread on the canvas using the palette knives. This is a fun technique for oil painting. Beginners can also try this out subsequently, as it’s a great way to let loose your creativity and imagination.

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Oil painters who have less patience can try this oil painting technique. In this style, you need not apply layers, and it can be done in one sitting. This oil painting technique saves
time and there is no ‘drying time’ involved.

Present-day oil painting
This is a direct style of oil painting. It involves direct application of oil paint to the canvas without any prior planning or underpainting. However, this style requires expert skill
and must be tried only by professional artists.

If you are interested in learning about the in-depth details about the various aspects of oil
painting techniques, then each one should be studied separately.


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