How Perspective Drawing Can Help Drawing Artists

Perspective drawing is the art of drawing where the images are represented on the flat surfaces like the paper in the same manner as it is perceived through the eyes.
In this form of art, the perspective oblique lines congregate with parallel lines.

Perspective drawing may be adopted by the drawing artists to produce three-dimensional images or objects. The Perspective drawing was first developed in an early sixteenth century.

The drawing artists used the primitive techniques of the intersection to project the depth and the outer space in their drawings till the concept of perspective drawing was introduced.

The drawing artists used to represent the small objects in the images at the back and the larger objects in the forefront, but this method of showcasing the perspective art was usually not effective to the larger extent.

The statistical style of creating the linear perspective to represent the objects in the images is to make the objects seem to appear closer and smaller even when they positioned distantly on the paper.

Perspective drawing, which was introduced in the early 16th century, was done by some of the popular architects namely Leon Baptista, Alberti, and Filippo Brunelleschi.

It was later developed by the famous Renaissance artists such as Pierro Della, Francesca, and Andrea Mantegna. The perspective drawing was the essence of the Western art for more than 500 years after its existence.

There are two major elements of Perspective drawing:

The Linear Perspective drawing which is basically the art related to the organizing of space and shapes.

Aerial Perspective drawing related to the result of the climatic conditions on the hues and the tones.

There are several books on perspective drawing, which can be helpful for aspiring Drawing artists.

The first book written on Perspective Concept was published in the year 1436, which was named “On Painting”. The concept of perspective with two points is more difficult as in this form; the surfaces of the objects in the image have to unite with the vanishing points.

It is essential to have the proper knowledge and the clear idea of Perspective drawing to create the most effective image using this technique.


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