How To Draw A Rose: A Drawing Lesson With A Step By Step Guide (Alternative A)

Perhaps you have been looking for cool drawings to make by yourself. It’s not always easy to find the best things to draw online, sometimes you need to start by something basic and get better at it till you can go on the next step.
Learning how to draw requires practice just as anything else that can be learned. By practicing with easy drawings your skills will develop faster and then you will be able to look up for more things to draw, increasing in complexity and detail. You can do this by drawing roses. If you begin with a simple and easy drawing of a rose then you can improve into more challenging ones until you reach a new level of artistic display and realism.
You will need some Pencils:
You will require some pencils to make your drawing. In order to create good shading and texture, you must have a range of different pencils. We recommend having a soft pencil like a 5B or 6B, a medium pencil like 2B or B, and a hard one like F or H.
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Step 1: The Rosebud

All big and beautiful fully bloomed roses grow from a little and cute rosebud. A bud is like a baby flower; an undeveloped stage of our drawing and exactly the point from which we are going to start by.
Draw your rosebud using an egg-shaped oval; don’t forget to leave a little opening at the top. We do this so we can build the inner structure of the rose, it’s like when someone draws the muscular structure of a human being to make a sort of a “map” of their drawing.
How To Draw A Rose - Drawing A Rose Step By Step - First Step The Rosebud

Step 2: The Stem

Now that you have your rosebud, proceed to draw the stem; not much detail is required at this point so don’t worry about it. You can dare to be creative and draw the stem as long or curved as you like. Just have fun.
How To Draw A Rose - Drawing A Rose Step By Step - Drawing The Stem

Step 3: Time to blossom

How To Draw A Rose - Drawing A Rose Step By Step - The Rose sketch Is Starting To Blossom
Now is when your rose start to bloom. Draw a little arrow-shaped structure at the top like in the image above.
How To Draw A Rose - Drawing A Rose Step By Step - Shaping The First Petals
Then, start to outline the shape of your very first petals. At this point, it should look like your egg is wearing a hat.
How To Draw A Rose - Drawing A Rose Step By Step - The Rose Step by Step
Now embrace half that egg-shaped oval with a larger petal-like in the image above. You’ve probably seen where we are going with this by now. Don’t hesitate if your drawing doesn’t look exactly like in the picture; every flower is unique. Remember the golden rule of the “how to draw” learning process: Observation. You need to see what you draw so you can print as many details as you can into your drawing. Observe the images and try to draw the inner and outer details of the petals.
If you are new to the world of art and drawing you can check on this How to draw: Tips and advice for beginners to make cool drawings.
How To Draw A Rose - Drawing A Rose Step By Step - Adding The Petals Gracefully
Now that our baby has already been born, make it grow gracefully. Add the petals, be careful and draw soft but clear curves that resemble the petals of an opening rose.
Next step will be about shading; this is the process by which an artist plays with darkness to depict depth and add a 3D effect to their drawings. If you need some guidance through this process check this out: Step by Step Drawing Tutorials: Learn How to Shade Your Drawings.

Step 4: Shading on your rose

A little shading will make your flower look more realistic and beautiful. Now it’s time to take those soft pencils and begin shading your drawing. Your rose should be darker on the inner sides of its petals so do your best to create a light shading on those areas. Once you feel your rose has a good shading effect you can proceed to apply a darker shade creating more contrast and giving it an awesome look. Use the soft pencil to stress the edges of the petals to achieve a better finish.
How To Draw A Rose - Drawing A Rose Step By Step - Shading A Flower

Step 5: Continue adding more petals

How To Draw A Rose - Drawing A Rose Step By Step - Beginning Of The Rose
Yes, that is beginning to look like a rose, add more petals at the base to make your rose look even more gorgeous.
How To Draw A Rose - Drawing A Rose Step By Step - Filling The Gaps Of The Rose
Fill the gaps, connect the lines and take care of as many details as you can; make sure your rose looks good on the inside and the outside of the petals.
How To Draw A Rose - Drawing A Rose Step By Step - Adding More Petals To The Rose
Continue adding more petals, this will give your rose more volume.
How To Draw A Rose - Drawing A Rose Step By Step - Finishing The Details Of The Rose
Finish up the details, close the outline of the last petals and see how your rose is almost finished. Now it’s time to erase the leftover lines and clean your rose a little bit. Make the remaining lines more visible by pressing the pencil harder.
How To Draw A Rose - Drawing A Rose Step By Step - Rose Drawing Finished
One last advice is to keep drawing. You don’t just learn how to draw a rose once; you develop the skill to draw a rose, better and better every time you make a new drawing. That’s right! If you drew a rose yesterday, draw a new one today. Draw a rose with a different shape. Draw a young rosebud with closed petals and then draw a fully bloomed one. Draw something different; try other shading techniques, go wild with shadows. You are to decide what to add, change or even improve. The important thing about drawing is to have fun while doing it. Your style is unique so don’t hold on your creativity. You are an always improving artist and the mistakes you make today are going to be the fantastic virtues you are going to hold tomorrow!
You are welcome to share your drawings with us. We would love to see how those roses came up. Remember the other golden rule of drawing: Practice! Yes, you need to practice a lot to make better drawings. You will notice the difference as you advance and make more beautiful roses with more details and better shading. It’s up to you to become the artist you want to be!