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Drawing is the oldest and the most major mode of the visual art which involves the use of various instruments and skills of drawing artists to create fascinating two-dimensional objects and patterns.

The drawings can be realistic or created on the basis of the imaginative skills of the creative artists and the abstracts. There are several drawing artists who have become famous by creating some of the magnificent pieces of art, which are still appreciated by the people and the fraternity of art in the world.

Drawing is usually different as compared to painting as it involves minimal use of colors and paints. In the drawing, the different mediums which are used are charcoal, graphite, ink or pen.

Drawing is usually created on the paper which varies with texture, quality, size, acidity, and the absorption capacity.

There are several processes and tools, which help in creating the appeal with the simplest of drawings.

Drawing is the form of art, which has been in existence from the early stages of mankind. The popular drawing artists have crested to some of the fine art in their lifetime, which is now immortal.

Some of the popular drawing artists who have created the magic with their drawing are Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonnarroti, Giovanni Angelico, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Sandro Botticelli, Claude Monet, Raphael, Nicolas Poussin, Salvador Dali, Theodore Gericault and Henri Matisse are among the other popular artists.

The original creations of the drawing artist are very much expensive and rare. Some of the popular drawing artists of the modern era are Roberta Ekman, Arshile Gorky, Max Beckmann, Delalic Emir, Christian Culver, Eric Engel, Lucas Cranach, Belinda Eaton, and Nicolas Poussin and among several others.

The famous Indian drawing artists are M.F. Hussain, Ganesh Pyne, Nando Lal Bose to name a few.


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