Tips for Easy Oil Painting

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Oil painting is an interesting style of painting with the use of varnishes. Varnishes can be
prepared from a combination of several oils. Some of the popular oils used for oil painting are linseed oil, poppy seed oil, walnut oil, and safflower oil.

The popularity of oil painting lies in its versatility. You can create versatile images with the use of oil paints and a brush.

Making oil painting easier.
If you have just started off with oil painting, then here are some smart tips that will make
your learning experience a more enjoyable process.

  • The selection of the right palette is of paramount importance while doing oil painting. Remember to always place your palette in the same order as you do your oil painting. This will support a convenient and good flow of oil painting.
  • To ensure that your oil painting is smooth, remember to buy a set of good quality brushes. Cheap brushes tend to lay their bristles after a few uses. It is also quite difficult to clean the cheap ones. Therefore, it would be wise to get a set of good brushes.
  • To clean your oil painting brush properly, make a mix of a thinner and liquid soap. Dip the brush into it and wipe it off with a newspaper. This would make the brush absolutely clean for the next use.
  • Sometimes it becomes confusing to select the right color combination to get an effect of lighter and darker shade. This confusion can be cleared if you become aware of the different properties of oil painting such as colors value, temperature, intensity, and hue. For example, orange stands for intensity, shades of red are best used for hues, and ivory black is the right choice for outlining.
  • Cracks in the oil painting are common, but you can avoid it. This can be done by following a fat layer of oil paint over the lean one.
  • Last, but definitely not the least. Never let your oil painting to dry in the dark. This will cause a thin film of oil to form above the oil paints, thereby yellowing it.

Hope these simple tips on oil painting will help you to easily paint on the canvas. Keep



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