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48 Premium Colored Pencils with Canvas Roll Up Bag and Coloring Book – Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Coloring Set - Professional Art Kit and Drawing Kit for Beginners


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Professional Art Kit and Drawing Kit for Beginners

Why Order This Premium Colored Pencil Set?

This set is the best coloring pencil kit available because it's ideal for both serious artists and casual doodlers. Each completed colored pencil set features:

- 48 pencils in a complete range of assorted colors
- 3.0mm lead pencils preferred by professionals but easy enough for beginners to use
- Vibrant colors that pop and make any illustration stand out
- Pencils made from non-toxic and eco-friendly materials
- Silver pencils that have a neat, professional appearance with easy-to-sharpen colored tips
- A complimentary sharpener for on-the-go convenience


All orders will also include a complimentary adult/children's coloring book so you can begin creating beautiful colored creations immediately upon receiving your new colored pencils. These designs are ideal for providing coloring practice, creating bold, imaginative artwork you can proudly display, and inspiring your very own creations.

The Bellofy Guarantee:

Bellofy guarantees the quality of our professional colored pencils. We offer a one-year guarantee on our products to ensure that our customers receive utmost satisfaction.

Whether you want to think outside the lines and create unique illustrations of your own or you are a coloring book connoisseur, this professional kit of coloring pencils is a must-have for artists with of all talent levels and skill sets.

To begin creating your vivid, colorful artwork with these high quality drawing pencils and the complimentary coloring book, click "Add to Cart" now!

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