Step By Step Drawing For Beginners: How To Draw We Bare Bears

Step by Step Drawing for Beginners: How to Draw We Bare Bears
Have you ever feel like you need a bear hug?
We Bare Bears is a funny cartoon for kids with a calming and charming atmosphere. It was created by Daniel Chong for Cartoon Network and follows the adventures of three adorable and lovely bears:


We can say he is like the leader (although we are not quite sure of that); he’s the one who tries the most to get himself and his brothers into different activities. He is the big brother and even though he can be childish, he always tries to do what is best for his friends and bros.
Step by Step Drawing for Beginners: How to Draw We Bare Bears - Grizzly the brown bear


The most concerned with social networks, likes, and selfies! He always wants to be noticed by people, especially pretty girls. He is a fan of anime culture and loves to draw his own characters. He is the middle brother and is described as cute and anxious.
Step by Step Drawing for Beginners: How to Draw We Bare Bears - Panda The Social Media Influencer Bear

Ice Bear

Our favorite! Quiet and mysterious, this polar bear holds a dark past. He is a chef, a spy, a martial artist, a model, a tech genius and a loving brother. You never know what surprise he might be hiding and you better treasure every single word that comes out of his mouth. He is the youngest of the three bears and also the strongest and most interesting one.
Step by Step Drawing for Beginners: How to Draw We Bare Bears - Ice Bear The Coolest Bear Alive

Step One: Outline The Body and Face

Ice Bear meant to do that” - Ice Bear.
Without color or detail, the three brothers look pretty much alike. Let’s begin by drawing the shape of one head; it should look like the number three (3).
How To Draw We Bare Bears - Drawing A Head Sketch With A Number
The rest of their body is like a long C letter.
How To Draw We Bare Bears - Drawing The Rest Of The Body Of Our Bear Cartoon With A Letter
Most cartoon characters are made out of simple shapes; this helps them look friendlier to children and easier to draw. Do you enjoy drawing cartoon characters? Take a look at this: Easy sketches: How to draw Finn the Human from Adventure Time.

Step Two: Give ‘em Legs and Add Details

“Ice Bear wants justice” - Ice Bear.
These bears are really easy to draw, and they are really, really cute. With a couple of “U” letters, you will be able to draw their legs.
How To Draw We Bare Bears - Drawing Legs And Adding Details To The Bear With The Letter U
Because they are almost identical without color you can give them the same face. Their eyes are just a couple of dots on their faces and the noses are simple ovals. Draw letter C shapes to make the ears and little tails.
How To Draw We Bare Bears - Drawing The Face Ears Eyes And Tail With A Little C

Step Three: Make Them Three

“Ice Bear has a conspiracy theory” - Ice Bear.
They don’t have many details so by now you already have a pretty good outline of one bear; now make them three. Start drawing one bear under this one.
How To Draw We Bare Bears - Drawing The Three Of Them Drawing The Body Of Panda
Follow the first two steps again and you will have bear number two.
How To Draw We Bare Bears - Drawing The Body Of Panda
Very good so far, let’s do the same with the third bear, first draw the number three (3) and add the head and face details.
How To Draw We Bare Bears - Drawing The Face Of Panda Ice Bear
Another U shape for the rest of the body.
How To Draw We Bare Bears - Drawing The Shape Of The Body With Letters
Now finish up the legs and details.
How To Draw We Bare Bears - Drawing Little Details Of Our Cartoon And Legs
The mouths are just tiny curves; you can play with their mouths to give them different facial expressions related to their personalities. Need to learn some drawing techniques? You might find this useful: How to draw: Tips and advice for beginners to make cool drawings.

Step Four: Make Them Different

“Hashtag Ice Bear for president” -Ice Bear.
There you go! You already have the basis of your bears, and they look exactly the same, or more likely, the three of them look like Ice bear. Add some curves and details to the legs and pawns. Grizzly is on top, Panda on the middle and Ice bear on the bottom (he is driving). Draw a few more curves to make Panda look more like a panda, and give him his circles around the eyes.
How To Draw We Bare Bears - Drawing The Bears Different Drawing Panda And Lines

Step Five: Bring Them to Life With Color

“Ice Bear is OK with this” - Ice Bear.
Time to finish off! Give Grizzly his brown color. Make Panda black and white.
How To Draw We Bare Bears - Bring Them to Life With Color Coloring Our Sketches From Cartoon Network
Shade Ice Bear a little bit to make him look better. If you don’t know how to shade, we recommend you to check this out: Step by Step Drawing Tutorials: Learn How to Shade Your Drawings.
How To Draw We Bare Bears - Adding Shading To Our Sketches
We hope you enjoyed this step by step drawing tutorial. There are more coming soon so don’t forget to stay tuned.


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